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Angelica Duque  

  Assistant Principal:
  Shannon Davis


Administrative Assistant:
Jennifer Corral     

 Data Entry Clerk:
Susana, K. Palacios     

Contact Information:
300 E. Lisa Dr. 
Chaparral N.M. 88081     
 Phone: (575) 824-4722
 Fax: (575) 824-4034     


school Events

  • Board Meeting

    Mesquite Elementary School Cafeteria

     The open session will start at 5:00 pm.  A closed session will be held as needed.

    Chaparral Elementary School
  • Fire Presentation 1st Grade by POA

    Chaparral Elementary School
  • Happy Halloween

    K-3 may pass out goodies

    Fall Dance $1.00 for 4th-6th 

    Students may wear costumes but may not bring any weapons or look-alikes.

    Chaparral Elementary School
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Thanksgiving Meal Ticket Sale



Thanksgiving Meal

November 9, 2018

Student Nutrition Program

Thanksgiving Meal Ticket Sales

September 24-October 31, 2018

At your favorite Cafeteria

(Tickets valid only at school of purchase)

Adults/Non-Students $5.75 each

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Hurricane Michael hits Florida hard, destroying homes